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Baseball Tournament

Although baseball originated in England in 19th century, nowadays it’s mainly popular in the United States, where it is the second most popular sports after American football. It is also played all over the world and has major professional leagues in Japan, South Korea, Italia, Dania, Sweden and other countries.

Professional Baseball Scene

Baseball is still one of the main sport games in the Americas, with MLB, which was founded in 1903, being the biggest professional league in the scene. Major League Baseball consists of two leagues – National League and American League, each of them includes 15 teams. Out of 30 teams only one is based in Canada, all the other teams are from the United States. Each season there are a total of 162 regular games that determine five best teams in each league that make it to two separate postseason tournaments, the winner of each compete in the World Series, which is held in a best-of-seven format during the fall season. MLB is currently the second most popular professional sport league in the US after the NFL (National Football League).

Understanding the Baseball Odds

If you prefer baseball betting, we can guarantee you multiple markets and the best odds. We do our best to provide you with the relevant odds so you can make a well-informed decision. But to get the most out of every bet, it makes sense to start with the odds and how they work. For this purpose, let’s explore a match between the Tampa Bay Rays and Detroit Tigers.

  • Winner Bet. In this case, you need to predict a team that will win the game. For example, if a Tampa Bay Rays team has 1.66 and the Detroit Tigers team has 2.22, then the first one is a favourite. The probability that the Tampa Bay Rays will win is about 0.6024 (1/1.66). As for the Detroit Tigers, their victory features a 0.4505 probability (1/2.22).
  • Total Bet. In this case, bet on the total number of runs scored by the Tampa Bay Rays and Detroit Tigers in the game. For example, you predict that the total runs scored will be over 9,5 runs.

For convenient wagering on baseball, we offer different odds formats, including Indo, Malay, US, Decimal, and Hong Kong.

Baseball Betting Lines and Markets

Interested in placing the best wager ever? Then learn more about the baseball betting markets our sportsbook offers. Thanks to a handy and intuitively understandable UI, you will not face problems with picking the perfect option exactly for you!


If you pick this outcome while betting on baseball, you decide on a team that potentially can win the game. Here is an example: Pittsburgh Pirates (-160) vs Baltimore Orioles (+120). If you bet $160 on the Pittsburgh Pirates, you will be lucky to get $260 (original stake + $100). Also, you can win $220 (original stake + $120), if you bet $100 on the Baltimore Orioles.


This baseball betting type is also known as Totals. All you need to do is to predict the total number of runs. Suppose you pick a game between UT Arlington Mavericks and Boston College Eagles:

  • Over 7.5: -125;
  • Under 7.5: +105.

You may bet $125 or $100 on the Over and if the game results in 11 runs, you win $225 ($100 profit + initial bet). But you may also act differently and bet $100 on the Under. So, if a game results in 7 or fewer, you get a payout of $205 ($105 profit + initial wager).

Run Line

As a rule, this market is set at -1.5 runs for the favourite team and, accordingly, +1.5 runs for the underdog.

Here is an example:

  • South Carolina Gamecocks: +1.5 (-160);
  • Belmont Bruins: -1.5 (+160).

Decided to bet on the South Carolina Gamecocks at +1.5 runs? If you are lucky and a team wins the game outright (it may lose by less than two runs as well), you win.


Using this type, you can combine several events into one stake. This is a fairly risky approach when you must be very confident about your predictions. They all must be correct in order to get a win. But if you are lucky enough to predict all outcomes correctly, you can win a solid cash prize.

For example, you decided to bet on baseball on the following games: Loyola Marymount Lions x UC San Diego Tritons, San Diego State Aztecs x Utah Utes, Houston Baptist Huskies x Stephen F Austin Lumberjacks, and Boston Red Socks x Philadelphia Phillies.

  • Loyola Marymount Lions: -120;
  • San Diego State Aztecs: -1.5: +150;
  • Houston Baptist Huskies/Stephen F Austin Lumberjacks Total Runs Over 7.5: -110;
  • Boston Red Socks Team Total Over 4.5: +130.

At the first step, you must convert baseball betting odds into Decimal format. After that, simply multiply them by each other. Here is what you will get: (-120) x (+150) x (-110) x (+130) and (220/120) x (2.5) x (210/110) x (2.3) = 20.125.

All that is left to do is multiply those results by a stake amount. For instance, you decide to bet $100. In this case, you will be a lucky one to get an impressive $2,012.50 payout!

First Five Innings

On the one hand, it is a fairly easy wager since you are focused only on the first five innings. Your aim is to predict the leader by the end of this period. For example, you bet on a New York Yankees (-120) vs Chicago White Sox (+110) game.

If you think that the New York Yankees are powerful enough to beat opponents within 5 innings, you may place a $120 bet. If you succeed, you receive a $220 payout ($100 profit + initial wager amount).

Player/Team Props

Props are markets which are related to the outcome of a specific event during a game. For instance, you decided to wager on a match between the Tampa Bay Rays and Detroit Tigers and predict whether Wander Franco (Tampa Bay Rays) will hit a home run.

  • Will Wander Franco Hit a Home Run? Yes: +200;
  • Will Wander Franco Hit a Home Run? No: -250.

In case you wager $100, predict that he will hit the home run, and if he does, then you receive $300 ($200 profit + initial wager amount). If you wager $250 or $100 on Wander Franco not to hit a home run and he doesn't, you win and get $350 ($100 profit + initial wager amount) or $140 ($40 profit + initial bet amount), respectively.

Inning-Specific Markets

In fact, this betting market has different subcategories. Betting on the team that will score the 1st inning is one of the most popular ones. Suppose you wager on New York Yankees (+145) vs Minnesota Twins (-175) game. You will be a lucky one if you bet $100 on the New York Yankees, and they score more runs than their competitors. It will bring you $245 ($145 profit + initial wager).

Get the Best MLB Odds with Live Betting

If you are well-versed in baseball rules and know the teams involved in a particular game, you can try a live betting approach. It is much riskier compared to pre-match baseball betting since the situation may quickly change.

At the same time, higher MLB odds may bring you bigger potential winnings. GG.Bet offers a handy section with statistics you can use to make the most informed decision. What’s more, you can bet on your favourite baseball team and watch the game using a live broadcast option.

Baseball Betting Tips for a Confident Strategy

When predicting outcomes of baseball events, it is important to consider the following tips.

  • Consider the players’ psychological state, their fatigue and motivation

The psychological state of baseball team players may have a direct impact on their performance and overall game results. When it comes to long seasons, then fatigue may also impact performance. As for motivation, this aspect is closely related to the player’s state of mind and how he is focused during a game.

  • Weather can impact the game’s outcome

As long as baseball games are played outdoors, weather conditions may bring adjustments. You have to consider wind speed, humidity levels, temperature and other factors, especially for baseball betting during the match. For example, strong winds may change the ball’s trajectory, while high temperatures may tire out pitchers. Thus, always check weather forecasts in advance.

  • Analyze the statistics between pitchers and batters

It is important to check the historical info between batters and batters since it can give you important insights about how they have performed earlier. Given data about matchups/trends, you can predict potential outcomes in the future and make well-informed decisions.

  • Location of the match

The game’s location may not be an obvious but extremely important aspect that may impact the outcome. It is important to consider a home-field advantage and familiarity with the stadium conditions. When a team plays at home, it does not have a problem with travel fatigue.

Betting on Baseball with GG.Bet

Our bookmaker stands against other platforms in the market thanks to a wide selection of events within multiple baseball leagues. Enjoy dozens of games in MLB Playoffs, World Baseball Classic, Olympics, College World Series, Caribbean Series, and more. Feel free to use straightforward Moneylines or O/U bets, as well as Inning-specific wagers.

Quickly updating baseball odds together with a detailed statistics section significantly increases your chances. Interested in baseball bets for today? Then head to the “Live” section and enjoy a free live broadcast and a lot of prop markets! What’s more, we offer a simple algorithm of bet placing that is boiled down to the following simple steps:

  • Explore the list of events and pick the top one. You can choose between pre-match and real time match.
  • Learn odds and choose the baseball betting market.
  • Enter the sum to betslip and click to place a bet.

That’s all! After you place a baseball bet, you need to wait until the end of the game. After that, you will receive a notification about the results to the email you used during registration as well as via an internal message system.

A Little About Baseball Rules: Wager with Understanding of the Game

Before starting to enjoy baseball betting, you should understand its rules. Below, you may get an insight into the basic rules to consider.

  • Teams and Players. Two teams of 9 players are involved in the baseball game that consists of nine innings.
  • Scoring. A team must score more runs than the opponent by hitting the ball. For this purpose, it is necessary to hit a ball and run around the bases. A player must touch a base to score a run.
  • Gameplay. First, a pitcher throws the ball, while a batter must hit it (only three strikes are available).

Successful baseball betting requires you to explore both teams comprehensively, and our “Statistics” section can be extremely helpful in this regard. Sign up at GG.Bet, top up the balance with the minimum required deposit, claim a welcome bonus and savour every inning!