Dota 2 Betting


Dota 2 is an online multiplayer game in which teams fight in a virtual arena. The first impression may be that the game is about fighting and killing, but it's about strategy and quick thinking. This is why it is so popular for eSports betting. On platforms like GGBet, fans can bet on various outcomes of the matches and tournaments. As more people bet on eSports, GGBet is becoming their favorite platform for Dota 2 betting.

Types of Dota 2 Bets on GGBet

For Dota 2 betting, GGBet allows players to place several types of bets. Here are some common ones:

  • Match Winner: This is the simplest form of betting, where you predict which team will win the match.
  • Map Winner: Dota 2 matches are often played across several maps or levels. Bettors can wager on who will win each specific level.
  • Total Kills: Bet on whether the total number of kills in a game will be over or under a figure set by the bookmaker.
  • First Blood: This involves predicting which team will achieve the first kill of the game.
  • Handicap Betting: If one team is heavily favored, handicap betting can level the playing field by applying a virtual deficit or surplus to each team's final score.

These are just a few options available. Each type of Dota 2 betting adds a layer of excitement and strategy to the betting experience.

Major Dota 2 Tournaments and Leagues

Dota 2 features a variety of major tournaments and leagues that attract significant viewer numbers and betting interest.

  • The International (TI) is known for its staggering prize pools and international prestige. The tournament brings together the best teams from around the world and is organized every year. They all compete for the title and the lion's share of the prize.
  • Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) is a professional tournament organized by Valve. In this tournament, teams earn points based on their performance, which determines if they are eligible to participate in The International.
  • ESL One hosts several Dota 2 tournaments around the world. The participants are top-level teams that wish to prove themselves on the international stage.
  • Dream League is a popular league in Europe organized by DreamHack. It offers a combination of two event formats - online and live events.

Dota 2 Betting Odds on GGBet

In Dota 2 betting, the odds show the likelihood of a certain event occurring within the game. GGBet used decimal odds to show the total amount you'll receive per dollar bet if your bet is successful. This total includes your original bet plus your winnings. For example, if GGBet lists a team's odds at 2.5 and you place a $100 bet, you'll win will be $250 (your $100 bet + $150 in winnings).

Odds are calculated based on various factors, including each team's past performance, statistics, and other relevant news. Odds are dynamic and can change based on new information or changes in how much money is being wagered on a particular outcome.

Lower odds (closer to 1.0) show a favorite, expected to win, while higher odds suggest an underdog. That's why odds can help you assess the risk involved in Dota 2 betting on a particular outcome.

Live Betting on Dota 2

Live Dota 2 betting, also known as in-play betting, allows you to place bets on Dota 2 matches as they are happening.

As the game unfolds, the odds change in real time based on what's happening in the match. For example, imagine a scenario where the favored team loses two key players early in the game. In response, the odds of that team winning might increase. It means that there is a higher potential payout if they do manage to come back and win.

In Dota 2 betting, you can bet on who will win the next map, who will get the next kill, or total kills at the end of the game.

However, live betting is fast-paced. You need to make decisions quickly as the situation in the game changes. This adds an exciting layer of strategy and anticipation to watching Dota 2.