Fortnite Betting



Released in 2017, Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to its Battle Royale game mode. Many would argue that it was Fornite that made gaming mainstream and popularized Twitch streams outside of the gaming community. Currently Fortnite is not just one of the most popular games, but also a platform for various massive social events such as in-game concerts of popular artists. The game is available not only on PC, but on Android and iOS, which makes it even more accessible and popular. Naturally, the game’s publisher EPIC Games is also invested in its esports scene.

Diverse Esports Scene

Certainly, it was Battle Royale that made Fortnite incredibly popular, so it is only natural that it is the main mode for official competitions. There are seven regional leagues that are played online – the tournaments can have different formats suited for teams of two or three or for solo players. However, official competitions also go beyond the BR mode – there are also special show events that use other Creative modes. The diverse esports scene of Fortnite offers a lot of options for bets.

Bets on Fortnite with GG.Bet

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