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Handball is a team sport, which in its modern form originated in 19th century in Northern Europe, while its current rules were published in 1917 in Germany. In handball two teams consisting of seven players each compete to get the higher score by throwing the ball using hands into the goal. It is popular mainly in Europe, especially in Germany, Spain, France and Poland. If you are interested in handball betting with best odds, you’ve come to the right place!

International and Regional Handball Competitions

As in most modern sports, there are separate handball competitions for men and women. The first international tournament for men was held in 1925, while the first international women’s event was held only five years layer – in 1930. Today handball is part of Summer Olympic Games, where it is played since 1936 by men and since 1976 by women.

Handball is regulated by IHF, an international federation which was created in 1946 and is now currently located in Basel, Switzerland. It consists of six continental federations in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Oceania, and South and Central America, with a total of 209 national associations. IHF organizes major national competitions, including world championships which are held every two years. There are also international events for club teams.

As the sport is popular mainly in Europe, it is also reflected on the professional scene, which is heavily dominated by Europeans. Just take a look at the history of World Championships – Europeans won all medals in men competitions since 1938, while in women’s competitions only two medals were received by non-European countries – Brazil and Korea.

How to Bet on Handball – The Complete Guide

To start betting on handball at GG.Bet bookmaker, you should decide whether you want to use pre-match or live wagering. Simply click on the corresponding tabs to switch between them. Now, explore the handball betting odds next to available games.

For better convenience, you can use the “Popular”, “Recommended”, and “Start time” filters in the upper right corner. Do not neglect to check our section with statistics to get all the information you need to make a well-informed decision. After you decide on an event, you need to click on it and explore available betting markets in the opened window. Now, you can also see a betslip setting on the right side of the screen.

Choose between Single, Combo and System bet types, input the sum you want to use, and click the “Place bet” button. That’s it! After the match is finished, we send you the results of your handball betting via the internal message system and to your email.

Popular Markets

While wagering on our bookmaker, you can find a wide selection of both simple and advanced betting markets. Check more details in the table below.

Betting Markets Description
Total Simply decide on the total number of scores, which will be by the end of the game
Handicap This bet means that a specific team is either going to win or not lose by an amount predetermined by the bookmaker
Draw No Bet In this case, you predict outcomes that exclude a draw (for example, a home or away win)
Odd/Even The bettor predicts that the final result will be odd or even
Over/Under This option works the same as the previous one, but you decide whether the game’s result will be over or under the predetermined value
Props These options are usual for live bets and include wagering on a specific player’s performance, a goal in a particular period, the number of players who are going to score goals, and more

How to Read the Lines and Odds?

Odds on handball online betting are formed with the probability of a certain outcome. As a rule, odds are expressed as a percentage: 100%/percentage of probability. The coefficients are constantly adjusted in real time and are affected by many events.

An example of such an event may be a 2-minute penalty, which can change the odds by up to two times. Betting with GGBet is always a good strategic decision since we quickly refresh the odds and always provide you with relevant statistics. Along with the classic Decimal odd format, you can switch between Malay, Indo, Hong Kong, and US.

Realize Your Strategy with Tips from Our Experts

The following handball betting tips can help you increase your chances for a successful game outcome prediction.

  • Consider the game’s dynamics

Handball is a very active and dynamic sport. Often, there are teams that score powerfully in the first half of the game and then slow down. Compare team tactics to highlight this feature, for example, for using 1st Half prop bets.

  • Get info about the goalkeeper

Before placing a bet on handball, make sure you learn the performance of both teams’ goalkeepers during previous games. Since a goalkeeper is a key player, his form can play a decisive role.

  • Explore the accuracy of penalties

Very few handball games are played without penalties. So, it makes sense to evaluate the performance and statistics of penalty kick players to understand who has the advantage.

  • Analyze player injuries

In most dynamic sports, injuries are game-changers. But in handball betting, it is almost a decisive factor. Always follow the players and the injuries (even minor ones) that they get.

  • Explore the real time betting

Since handball is a very dynamic game, where underdogs and favorites can exchange their positions several times per quarter, try to bet on live events. This approach may bring a lot of opportunities and high cash prizes. However, note that this tip is suitable only for players who understand the game's principles and the teams' strategies well.

Watch the Match and Enjoy Live Handball Betting

All registered bettors who are well-versed in handball and want to take the most out of wagering should take advantage of live betting. To get started, click on the live handball bet option on the page with games and explore available events. Analyze the odds and pick the game you would like to use to test your luck.

Also, check our detailed statistics with info we update in real time. Next, launch the free broadcast option to combine watching the match and wagering from one place. Next, specify your favorite, create a betslip, choose the bet type, specify the sum, and click to submit the action.

We offer a wide selection of handball matches, top championships, and exciting tournaments you can wager on in pre-match and live betting modes. Start betting right now to test your skills and get a pleasant cash prize right away!