Xyp9x Leaves Astralis

Xyp9x Leaves Astralis

Astralis has announced the departure of Xyp9x, who has been on the bench since June 2023.

Xyp9x joined Astralis in January 2016, and during his time with the team, he won a number of tournaments, including the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, Katowice Major 2019, FACEIT Major: London 2018, ELEAGUE Premier 2018, ELEAGUE Major Atlanta 2017, among others.

From May to October 2020, Xyp9x was previously benched by Astralis but later returned to play in the main lineup. Also, from April to June 2023, the player competed with the club's junior team, Astralis Talent.

There is no official announcement regarding where Xyp9x will continue his career.