We’ve teamed up with the legendary Torte de Lini!

GG.BET has joined forces with legendary Dota 2 character guides creator, Torte de Lini, to support the growth of the gaming community. More than 508m people across the globe use Torte de Lini’s guides, from regular Dota 2 players to winners of The International to even the game’s developers themselves! So, if Dota 2’s your thing, you definitely know how much of a big deal he is!

In partnership with GG.BET, Michael Cohen will continue to create guides, release a series of in-game tutorials in collaboration with Top Tier esportsmen, and participate in the creation of exclusive content about Dota 2.. What’s more, we're also planning to release a series of podcasts/streams with Michael in which we talk about how guides are created, how analysts work, and ask for his insights into Dota 2’s game mechanics.